To impart education that generates good citizens with academic excellence and strong commitment to society. To perpetuate value based education favorable to the progress of students and society so as to promote peace and harmony.




Our mission is to offer high quality education dedicated to building minds with conviction, integrity, social and moral responsibility. We are committed to educating the students beyond the confines of a class room to make them better individuals and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world.


About the Department

The Department of Zoology was established in the year 2012. Since establishment, department of Zoology has developed gradually and brought to the present status. It is situated in an exceptionally beautiful and picturesque campus of the Govt. Degree College Tral. It is one of the premier biological sciences departments of the College distinguished for its quality of teaching. The department offers programmes which provide holistic education, employability, entrepreneurial spirit and scientific temper to the students empowering them to become responsible and environmentally conscious citizens. The Department of Zoology offers up-to-date and pertinent Under-graduation programme (B..Sc) in Zoology. Besides offering Skill Enhancement Courses like Aquarium & Fish Keeping, Apiculture, Medical Diagnostics& Sericulture, the Department offers an array of core papers (physiology, biochemistry, Animal Diversity, evolutionary and developmental biology, Genetics, Applied Zoology & Immunology etc). The faculty also focuses on instilling good values like regularity, punctuality, participation and team spirit in various departmental activities among students.

Building area and labs facilities:

  • The Zoology department is set up on the first floor of Science Block. There is H.O.D Room, One Staff Room & a departmental library. In addition there is a separate room for Lab. Staff cum store. The Department takes pride in its laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation facility. Two labs are there for the purpose of conducting the regular practical classes for B.Sc. students. The laboratories are having almost all equipped materials i.e, sufficient microscopes and scientific instruments for conducting the practical classes.


The biggest boon of the Department is its Zoological Museum that displays very rare type of animal specimens, skeletons and skulls for osteology studies. A well-established animal museum is arranged for keeping specimen’s and models for different animals which are most useful to the students. A laboratory assistant is there to look after the museum properly and to maintain the registers and records of the dissection material (consumed and non- consumed material).