The subject of Geography was introduced in Govt. Degree College Tral in 2012. The courses offered are designed to integrate both the fundamental theory and the practical aspects of the subject. With a group of young and enthusiastic faculty members and updated teaching and educational tools, including the application of remote sensing and geographic information systems, the department is determined and prepared to make a distinct mark in this field. Candidates are expected to become skillful in geoinformatics tools and methodologies, as well as be able to rationalize the relevance of physical and social (human) elements of the planet. Additionally, students are made aware of the career avenues in higher education, research, and also for competitive examinations while taking Geography as a subject. The Department of Geography endeavours to take the teaching of Geography with a multi-disciplinary perspective along with substantial disciplinary depth. The advent of remote sensing and GIS technology, as well as a shift in emphasis from ideographic to nomothetic approaches has established the role of geography in overcoming contemporary challenges such as Climate Change, Global Warming, Floods, Earthquakes, Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters, and so on. Geography now not only contributes significantly to social good but also models future scenarios for effective resource management and sustainable development.


Vision: ❖ To provide a thorough understanding of the various geophysical processes that take place on land, in the ocean, and in the atmosphere.❖ To comprehend the ever-changing nature of Man’s dynamic relationship with Nature❖ To track the subject’s paradigm shifts.❖ Students will be taught how to use survey, remote sensing, GIS, and quantitative and cartographic techniques to generate and analyse data in today’s world.


Courses taught:


Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Philosophies & Methodologies in Geography, Human Geography, Cartographic and Quantitative Techniques, Geography of India and J&K, Remote Sensing and GIS, Geography of Tourism, Economic Geography and Disaster Management.


Lab Equipments:


For effective teaching and learning of Geography, the Department of Geography has acquired a large number of instruments and teaching aids. Plane Table sets, Stencils and drawing equipment. Prismatic compass sets, Surveying chains, Dumpy level, Overhead projector, Aerial Photographs, Survey of India Toposheets; Models, globes, and charts depicting various aspects of the Earth are available.




S. No. Name Designation Date of Joining
01 Dr. Javaid Ahmad Tali Assistant Professor and Head 2021
02 Dr. Shahista Jan Lecturer* 2021
03 Dr. Mudasir Majid Malik Lecturer* 2021


* On Academic Arrangement


Future Plans


We are planning to develop a Geoinformatics lab in the department to disseminate students with contemporary developments in the geospatial realm.