The Department of Environmental science came into existence in 2004, almost sixteen years after establishing this college in 1988 to impart compulsory education on regional and global environmental issues. The Department undertakes the teaching of undergraduate students under the CBSC / Semester system, according to the syllabus laid down by the University of Kashmir, Srinagar. The Department also offers teaching support to the college in the subject of disaster management. The curriculum for the teaching programs focuses on all crucialaspects of the environment, covering contemporary problems of nature conservation and environmental quality. Keeping in view the unique ecological and Agro-climatic settings of Kashmir as a whole and Tral in particular, the Department emphasizesteaching and project work on various aspects of Agro-ecosystem and ecological conditions. The Department has experienced permanent and academic arrangement faculty members specializing in Natural Resources Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, and Biofuel Production.


HOD’s Message


(Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Malla)


The world faces serious environmental deterioration, which is impaired by anthropogenic activities. The natural resources are being depleted like anything, and the environment is being polluted in every aspect. So, we are experiencing an imbalanced condition as per ecological integrity is concerned. Now, it is our prime duty and utmost priority to deal with the condition judiciously to maintain ecological integrity and environmental sustainability. The prime focus of Environmental Science is to provide quality education and awareness concerning environmental issues and prepare qualified students capable of contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment. We are also looking forward to cultivating creative and advanced learners who can contribute substantially to restoring and protecting our fundamental living place, the earth. As per the career sectors are concerned, there are ample opportunities for the environmental science students in the sector of Government organizations like the State Pollution Control board, Department of Energy & Environment, Department of Forest and Environment, other Government and Public sector organizations.