Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Minutes of the Meeting
Today on 11/11/2018 a meeting of all the faculty members of Govt. Degree College, Tral was convened in the Conference Hall of the college under the auspices of the worthy Principal Prof. Ab. Majid Sofi. In addition to all the staff members, establishment staff was also present in the meeting. In the initiation of the meeting, newly joined staff was welcomed and urged to pledge to work tirelessly for growth and progress of the institution. The agenda of the meeting was to reframe the committees in wake of recent transfers and discuss the preparedness of submission of SSR and subsequent preprationof NAAC inspection. Delibrations were also made with a presentation by Dr. Mairaj Ud-din Shah of Department of Physics regarding the submission of of IIQA and challenges ahead for submision of SSR. After brief introduction of all the facuty members were assigned particular componets to prepare so that the entire process of Submission of SSR becomes easy and handy to IQAC for future record and reference. The faculty members were given choice to opt for convenorship of committees as per their aptitude, seniority and ability and the requirements envisaged by the IQAC. Details of the committees constituted/reframed in the said meeting are as under:-

Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the chair and all the members.

  Sd/                                                                                                                                                                               Sd/
Secretary: - Prof. Ishaq Ahmad Wani.                                                                                                                                      Principal
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1.Discipline/Anti-Ragging Committee
2. Admission Committee
3. Time Table Committee
4. College Advisory Committee
5. College Canteen Committee
6. College Development Committee
7. Career Counselling Committee
8. College Landscape Committee
9. Debates,Seminar & Cultural Committee
10. Grievance & Redressal Cell
11. Examination/Internal Assessment Committee
12. Technical/Infrastructure Committee
13. Financial Aid Committee
14. Hospitality & Protocol Committee
15. Excursion & Educational Tour/Subject Tour Committee
16. College Library Committee
17. Magazine/News Letter & Publication Committee
18. Purchase Committee
19. Sports Committee
20. Transport Committee
21. Research Development Committee
22. NAAC/IQAC/UGC Committee
23. Medical Aid Committee
24. Women Development/Sexual Harrassment Cell/Committee
25. Hygiene & Cleanliness Committee
26. NSS Advisory Committee
27. Red Ribbon Club
28. Red Ribbon Club
29.Audit & Accounts Committee
30. Co-ordinators