To strive for academic excellence aimed at nurturing the students to develop into productive and intellectual resource and to make the institution as a college with potential for excellence


  • To carve out and give fillip to innate flairs of the students
  • To boost confidence and communicative abilities of the students for competing at global level.
  • To augment the collective unconscious for community, moral upliftment and philanthropic vision
  • To impart education based on experimentation and observation and to meet the challenges ahead in this world of globalization.

Core Values:

  1. Academic Excellence:
    The Institution unbendingly strives for highest quality and standard of excellence in teaching and learning across all subjects
  2. Morality & Integrity:
    The institution upholds the highest ethical and moral values, integrity and professionalism and a resolute commitment to academic freedom, transparency and accountability
  3. Diversity, inclusiveness & Mutual Respect:
    The Institution historically has been an abode of Diversity and Mutual respect wherein students from different communities, castes and religions thrive in environment of safety, trust & mutual respect and Institution embeds equality & diversity in its Strategy by ensuring that the strategic plans are fair and inclusive.
  4. Decentralization:
    The Institution has a well-defined organizational structure based on hierarchy which supports participative management for effective and efficient decision making. Our college encourages shared decision-making through a process that rests upon collaborative consultation, open flow of information, diverse involvement and collective deliberations of all stakeholders.
  5. Community responsibility:
    Our Institution creates and nurtures an environment based on social and community responsibility where the NSS units of the college take a lead to contribute to the interest of the society by undertaking various activities and initiatives on routine basis.
  6. Sustainability and Environmental responsibility:
    Our College is very actively following the principles of sustainability in its working and is acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities. The initiatives like Green campus in collaboration with Social Forestry Department are in line with this concern.
  7. Student Friendly provisions:
    The Institution maintains the rich heritage of providing services and provisions in terms of scholarships, follow-up mechanism, habit of engagement, caring and civic responsibility by emphasizing a connect between service, excellence, and career growth.